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"I was so surprised that the experience was able to draw out such strong emotions out of me--I can't remember the last time I laughed and cried so much. Now, I feel freer to express my emotions." Brian Stone-Entrepreneur HeroQuest, Aug. 1996

"Each day of the HeroQuest brought me closer and closer to confronting and eventually releasing a great deal of my core wounds and limitations. I cannot describe the feeling of relief and healing that overwhelmed me! Josh's intense compassion and understanding of the human condition, along with the support and caring of all the participants, allowed me to truly touch my deepest pain. The process of opening continues to this day." Son Sun--HeroQuest, July 1998 HQ Assistant Oct. '99

"The day I returned from my HeroQuest, I walked down the street with my purpose in mind and saw every face in a new light. I saw light coming out of people when I talked to them, I saw them brighten up. It's something I feel can't be taken away from me, this feeling of clarity and purpose. It gives me a real sense of knowing what I'm about, and what life is about for me." Christine Gallas-Massage Therapist HeroQuest, Aug. 1996

"I have come a long way from the person who sat on the banks of the Trinity River and cried tears of frustration and loneliness because I couldn't even imagine having a lover, much less the one of my dreams. On the HeroQuest, I worked through a lot of the things I'd held onto for so long: fear, past hurts, old habits of defense. As soon as I returned home, an acquaintance opened his heart to get closer to me, and for the first time ever I stayed present, opened my own heart and shared my feelings. It continues to be wonderful and challenging and everything all at once. We got engaged a year after we started dating and will be married in July! Many things contributed to my readiness to fall in love and be open to someone, but my HeroQuest was a big part of it. Thank you for your guidance and leadership and for being a part of my path." Karen Colombo - HeroQuest July 1998


"I'm normally leery of human potential workshops, but the HeroQuest was down-to-earth, insightful and inspiring. We had literally left our old structured lives behind and were out in the wilderness, both physically and spiritually. Not only was the experience a revelation, but I had so much fun I came back for four other adventures!" Peter Mellencamp -Screenwriter HeroQuest, July 1994 +

"The value of the HeroQuest surprised me -- it allowed me to stand tall, be large, and let the wind blow. The trust that I am ready for whatever the wind blows is both new for me and profoundly life-changing. I have never had the trust in the universe that I now have as a result of this experience. I feel like I've touched the universe at its core and found myself already there. It was like the world had opened up before me; I could actually feel the spark of divinity within myself. I know now that this is truly who I am. The rest is just story. Even with people that I have shared the most intimate love, I have never experienced the divine like this before. I was blown away by the intensity. I have never taken a step like this in my life -- I've been off and running ever since!" Peter Sirell - Painter and Contractor HeroQuest July '98-Assistant July & Aug. '99

"The HeroQuest led me to a holistic experience of what it feels like to be in my essence, living my purpose. Now every cell of my body knows and is enlivened with this memory, giving me fuel to carry out my purpose in life. I now know what it feels like to be that alive, and every day I strive to recreate that." Florence Schneider-Yoga Instructor, HeroQuest, July 1996

"Josh Cohen has created a fool-proof scenario that can yield great transformational impact in a ready and willing participant. The more you're ready to grow, the greater the HeroQuest can work for you." David Brownstein - Film & Multi-Media Producer HeroQuest July '96-Assistant Aug. '97

"I was most impressed with the care that Josh Cohen takes in getting in touch with our highest form of existence and expressing our life purpose. I had a similar concern that many of us were 'underliving' ourselves, and was enormously encouraged and inspired by the HeroQuest. It was well worth coming to the U.S. from Japan just to experience this wonderful program." Hide Enomoto-Japan HeroQuest, Nov. '95, Assistant, Nov. '96

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