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JOSH COHEN, C.H.T. - Director

Founder and Director of InnerQuest Adventures since 1991. Josh has been a pioneer in the integration of outdoor experiential education with psychospiritual, multi-sensual, and body-oriented approaches to healing and personal growth.

He is grounded in over 12 years of experience working with groups and individals in both therapeutic and adventure capacities. He as been an outspoken advocate of alternative methodologies that focus on the realization of potential instead of traditional passive therapies that focus on pathology.

Over a decade ago, Josh left a successful career as a Hollywood film executive in order to pursue a more spiritually fulfilling expression of his life. He studied with many different spiritual teachers and traditions, which led him to deeper levels of consciousness and heightened awareness of the universal laws of nature. His work continues through his efforts to help others reach for their dreams and to embrace their unlimited spirit in a way that is grounded in the body, in nature, and in everyday human experience.

Josh's genuine warmth, exuberant nature, and robust appreciation for humor create a fun, light-hearted atmosphere for your HeroQuest adventure. Although skilled in outdoor leadership and emergency response, he still trips over his own two feet, granting permission for others to risk and enjoy their own creative "trips".













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