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"The HeroQuest brought about a transformation in me I wouldn't have believed possible. I easily adapted to and loved the wilderness. I began to trust my companions. I began to trust myself. I found the strength and courage to believe that anything is possible--even the attainment of dreams I had long ago filed under "too late." I came to trust in the love and support of the universe. I began to understand why I am here." Sarah Marie Clarehart - Artist, HeroQuest, Sept. 1995 HeroQuest Assistant, Feb. '98, Aug. '99, Oct, 2000

"While working with Josh Cohen on a week-long HeroQuest, I experienced, in the space of one remarkable afternoon, the greatest spiritual revelation of my life. After years of struggling against the world, I experienced myself and all other beings as manifestations of God. Kundalini energy whipped up through my body with such force that I shook for hours in an ecstacy that left me utterly transformed. As a result, the HeroQuest has helped me to remain free of my old traps--including the false security of staying in one place and working a 9-to-5 job--allowing me to fulfill my lifelong dream of writing and traveling year-round. I know that the phenomenal growth that I experienced on the HeroQuest has provided me with a core intention and life purpose which will infuse the Divine Light into every aspect of my professional and spiritual paths from now on." Robert Clark Young- Author (HarperCollins)

"I loved it! Josh guided us expertly and with deep care over mountains, across rivers, through our fears to our heroic self. What a powerful and impactful experience." Diane Sanson, Ph.D. - Psychotherapist/Rites of Passage Specialist - HeroQuest, Aug. 1993


"After days of experiencing myself in an increasingly more authentic way through the HeroQuest's exercises, an amazing thing happened. During the course of several breakthroughs, I touched the truth of my existence more purely than I ever had before. My eyes literally became windows from which my heart gazed out and into which others could see me. I felt boundless joy, enthusiasm, freedom and lightness. I felt I had discovered myself as a particle of universal Truth, non-reducible, non-deniable. I have not been the same since." Sergio Baroni-Psychotherapist, HeroQuest, July 1996

"In just one incredible trip I was able to break through barriers that I hadn't been able to in three years of therapy. The HeroQuest...and the close friends I made, are still with me 4 years later." Alicia Connor - Massage Therapist HeroQuest, Oct. 1994

"Right from the start, the first days of the HeroQuest were wonderful. The wilderness was spectacular, the hot springs magnificent, and I started to touch all those feelings I wanted. But it was the program that caught me completely off guard. I was amazed how easily it enabled me to shift my beliefs. Suddenly I found myself actually being the person I've always wanted to be. The experience changed my life." Vanessa Ross-Pixar Films HeroQuest April 1995

"The HeroQuest really helped me to embrace the side of me that shines. By getting support from other people who have also embraced their purpose, I find that my life is filled with more joy, intimacy and excitement than I can remember. Now I am really getting to know my purpose. I feel proud to show myself fully to others so that they experience the true me." Doug Kaplan - Musician, Web Exec. HeroQuest, Oct. 1995 Assistant, April '95+


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