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"The HeroQuest gave me the insights and tools for me to discover and live out my purpose in the world in such a way as I could not have understood, let alone believed, before going through the HeroQuest. In a very tangible manner this has changed, immeasurably for the better, not just my life, but the lives of my family, friends and colleagues." Alistair Stewart-Biotech Information Systems Manager HeroQuest, May 1996

"In the 6 years since I took the HeroQuest, I have probably described it a hundred times as one of the most impactful things I have done in my life. I say that with more and more conviction as time passes, because I find that the garden I planted that week is still flourishing as I tend and care for it every day. My ongoing participation in the Community of Heroes has changed my life even further. Four years ago I married a man that I met at a Community of Heroes event. In retrospect, I can think of no better way to meet people of like mind and spirit--and it turns out that one held a key to my heart, as well." Monica T. McGuire -Universal Education Systems HeroQuest, July, 1994

"Here it is one year after my HeroQuest and there's a definite change in my life --and that's genuine! The tools really worked for me. Its noticeable--I can see the difference in my life! I'm doing things I never imagined I'd do. There's definitely more purpose in my life. It feels great!" Jerry Duarte-Engineer HeroQuest, July 1994

"I took the HeroQuest over 6 years ago. On that trip I first contacted the purpose of my life. As a result, today I have left a "safe" medical practice to bring new methods of healing to the chronically ill. While on my HeroQuest, I gave birth to the idea for "On the Wings of Eagles"--a wilderness intervention for inner-city diabetic adolescents. By working together with members of the Community of Heroes, this project has finally come to fruition. Patterned to some extent after the HeroQuest program, it challenges young people with diabetes to confront and integrate their illness into their life. The support and direct involvement of the Community has been invaluable, in fact, an absolutely essential reason my dream has come true. The process of turning the original idea into concrete reality simply could not have occurred without them. I know I could never have done this alone. The HeroQuest is a truly heart-inspired program, and I hope it continues to transform more lives as it has mine, for the sake of all of us struggling to improve the conditions in which we live." Dr. Marc Weigensberg, M.D. - Director of Pediatric Endocrinology & Diabetes, Director of "On the Wings of Eagles," HeroQuest, Aug. 1994



"I would not have imagined it possible, but my second HeroQuest [on which I assisted] had an even more profound effect on me than my first one did. What I found, to my amazement, was that I have more to give than I ever dreamed. I have never felt more certain that what I was doing was worthwhile." Karen Goldberg-Environmental Lawyer HeroQuest, Feb. '96 HeroQuest Assistant, Nov. '96

"Over the past twenty years I have studied and attended various programs designed to promote self-growth and assist people in achieving their full potential. I have done this in my professional field as a management consultant and on a personal level to further my own self-awareness. What I have found with most of the programs that I have experienced is that there is an almost manic high afterwards, a euphoric feeling of well-being and connectedness that lasts a week or two only to be replaced once again by life-long patterns and habits of old. The HeroQuest was different for me and by far the most powerful and unique program that I've encountered in the human potential movement. What I wanted most after my HeroQuest was to sustain the insights and awareness that I achieved, to maintain my momentum. That desire has been realized through the Community of Heroes. It has been years now since my first HeroQuest, and the insights I gained then have stayed with me. And I have experienced the willingness of Community members to "do whatever it takes" for each other in the spirit of an old-fashioned barn-raising. I have seen and been a part of Community events where people show up for each other whether it's to help someone move, provide emotional bolstering, assist with mailing brochures, design a web page, create a business, or write a proposal. We make it happen. The HeroQuest and Community of Heroes are invaluable, and I've seen nothing else like it--it will uncontestably make a change for the better in our world." Ann Purcell-Sr. Management Consultant HeroQuest, Sept. 1995-Assistant June 1997+

"I was working so hard to achieve 'success' according to society's model and was disillusioned by the futile struggle to 'get more.' By focusing on my own nature, my relations with others, and by purposefully peeling away the layers of anger, conditioning, and expectations, I experienced a transformation of attitude that has made it intolerable to carry on as before. It has reawakened both my childlike wonder and my primal energy. Michael Hagler-Senior Art Director HeroQuest, August 1995


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