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Joseph Campbell and
the Hero's Journey

Joseph Campbell, (The Hero With a Thousand Faces, The Hero's Journey with Bill Moyers, etc.) was a world famous mythologist who uncovered a universal pattern he called the "Hero's Journey." According to Campbell, the Hero's Journey is an archetypal pattern that forms the underlying structure of every story ever told, including the story of our own lives. This universal pattern illuminates the stages each individual must go through in order to grow. It is a journey of personal evolution that every human being can identify with.

The HeroQuest Adventure is an organic process that takes you through the stages of the Hero's Journey experientially. (See Taking the Journey)

1. The Ordinary World

The Hero's Journey starts with a snapshot of you, the Hero, in the Ordinary World, not fully satisfied with some part of your life. Despite the external success you may -- or may not-- have achieved, something is missing from your life. At fault are the limiting assumptions, negative beliefs, bad habits, and unchallenged fears you hold about yourself and the world. They affect your career and relationships, leaving you unhappy, angry, anxious, closed down, or depressed. Back to Top

2. The Call to Adventure
Somewhere inside, you know that a bigger life awaits you. You dream of being successful, joyful, unlimited and free. This is your soul's cry to be recognized, and your heart's longing to find and follow your bliss. Absolute freedom, unlimited possibility, pure joy and unconditional love await you. Back to Top

3. Resistance - Refusing your Calling
Refusing your Calling When you focus on the price tag of living your dreams instead of the potential benefits, you naturally feel reluctant to jump in. No matter how uncomfortable you are now, at least its familiar. Venturing out into the unknown is too scary. So you end up staying exactly where you are. Back to Top

4. Outrage - The Straw that Breaks . . .
A painful, pivotal event occurs. You are "called out" by the universe and watch helplessly as the house you have carefully built burns down. Now you can no longer allow your fears, wounds, negativity or bad habits to control your life. You cannot accept the greater price you are paying to your spirit. Finally, you say "Enough!"
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5. Committing to the Journey
This is the moment you fully commit you yourself. You say goodbye to your Ordinary World, firmly choosing to face your fears and answer your Calling. Back to Top

You cross the first threshold: Separation from the Ordinary world.

6. Challenge and Adventure
Your commitment opens the door to new and unexpected adventures. You encounter allies and worthy adversaries who challenge your preconceived notions, judgments and ideas about yourself and the world. You discover that you are not who you thought you were; you have separated yourself from others and abandoned your true self. Who are you then?
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7. The Heart of the Storm
Descending into the innermost cave of your fear, you drop your masks and face your inner demons. You are determined to allow the image of you to die so that the real you can be reborn. Back to Top

You cross the second threshold: Initiation and Transformation, Death of the old identity and birth of the expanded self.

8. The Resurrection
The truth of your existence is revealed. You finally feel what you always knew -- that you are whole, unlimited and connected to the universe. Now you are finally at peace with yourself. But you don't want to be a "monk on a mountain." You must return to the Ordinary World to put your spiritual transformation to the test. Back to Top

You cross the final threshold: Return and Integration back into the Ordinary World.

9. The Rewards
You return to the Ordinary World free of your limiting masks and beliefs. This is the life you have always wanted. Joy, success and abundance radiate from you as a reflection of your own magnificence. The universe responds as it always has --unlimited and unpredictable-- but you now stand ready to recognize and fully receive its gifts without shrinking back. Back to Top

10. Life Purpose
With your struggle over, you can now focus on what you want to give instead of trying to get. Your service to the world is an expression of your overflowing fullness, not from any need or expectation. No matter what you choose to do, it is the quality of heart you bring to it that reflects your mission. As you let your own light shine, you inspire others to do the same. This light is what you are here to give--your life's purpose. Back to Top

11. Taking the Journey- The HeroQuest Adventure
The Hero's Journey above is just a model. On the HeroQuest Adventure, each person's journey is unique and reflects the real challenges in your life as they appear to you. Above all, the HeroQuest is about saying yes to yourself, and to your dreams. It will challenge you to give up the illusion that you are separate and insignificant, and support you in becoming more fully alive and more effective in the world. It is not just about uncovering deeper truth of who you are, but about having the courage to act on that vision. This new vision will propel you on yet another hero's journey at a higher level than the last, with new treasures and deeper transformation.  Back to Top

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"If you are reading these very words, it is because your life is calling you to find and follow your bliss."

- Josh Cohen


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