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. . . After Your HeroQuest

Follow-through is one of the HeroQuest's greatest strengths. Qualified therapists, Life Coaches and HeroQuest facilitators, specially trained in the HeroQuest tools, can help you transform your peak experience into practical, life-long habits. This assures that you get the support you need as you unfold into your greatest self and create your dreams.

Best of all, your first follow-through session is included in your trip fee!

Follow-through adds new tools to compliment the HeroQuest process and is structured so you see real progress each week in your relationship and career goals, as well as your personal and spiritual development. One-on-one weekly sessions are available anywhere in the world via phone and internet. Take advantage of this unique, results-oriented coaching and assure that you stay on track with your dreams!

In addition to personal followthrough, other options include:
Ongoing HeroQuest Groups
International Community of Heroes Free
Assist on a HeroQuest Adventure up to 75% off

International Community of Heroes
Our International Community of Heroes supports the emergence of a more evolved world with a variety of alumni-organized events including advanced workshops, sweat lodges, ropes courses, rock climbing, camp-outs, parties and more. These gatherings provide opportunities for camaraderie, networking, and sharing concrete resources as participants help each other manifest their life purpose. The Community has also helped to incubate businesses and projects serving inner-city gang members, diabetic adolescents,
deep ecology organizations, international relations, public schools, and much more. Back to Top

Ongoing HeroQuest Groups
You can also choose to be a part of an ongoing HeroQuest group, or start one in your area. Groups meet on a regular basis to integrate the basic tools and processes of the HeroQuest. Continuous support is available for all groups through the Community of Heroes. Back to Top

Assist on a HeroQuest
Assisting is one of the best ways to keep the tools of the HeroQuest alive after your trip. What better way to water the seeds of change than to pick the fruit to serve yourself and others? In order to assist, you must meet our "walk-your-talk" requirement. Call to see if you qualify. Assistants pay up to 75% off! (Requires previous HeroQuest participation within the last 18 months.)
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Questions? Call 1-800-990-HERO or
email: Click Here

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