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HeroQuest Adventures
Life & Career Renewal

About InnerQuest Adventures

National Press Raves about the HeroQuest Adventure

"WITNESS TO MIRACLES! Frankly, we were skeptical. "Been there, done that" was our initial reaction. [But] this is the first time we saw every participant in a program come away significantly touched in a way unlikely to be forgotten back in the so-called real world. Josh has the touch of a master teacher, spirit to spirit. The effects [are] enhanced by lots of one-on-one attention, which has to make this the best value in personal transformation work on the planet. [The HeroQuest] helps participants directly experience consciousness...connecting one's expanded sense of self to a mission in life and the details needed to create that reality. As we relaxed into the week...we found our brittle, argumentative, anxious, impatient natures melting [and] our hearts opening.... We watched others who went through more dramatic changes, connecting emotionally to their inherent divinity. Sandra Wells & Scott Smith - AWARENESS MAGAZINE

"There were powerful emotional breakthroughs, the sort one would expect from 5 or 10 years of psychotherapy. The rest of us observed in quiet astonishment. we were startled [by the] dramatic experiences... We truly can't convey either the detailed highlights or the deeper meaning in a short article. Sandra and I felt in the end both more whole individually and closer. One of the things which makes the HeroQuest more effective in revitalizing lives and careers than other programs is that it is highly customized. Individuals are given as much attention and time as they need to experience themselves as whole and able to realize their dreams. Scott Smith - LV MAGAZINE (+ Reprinted elsewhere)

More Reviews Of the HeroQuest . . .

"A true Hero's Journey. The HeroQuest takes you beyond the edge of yourself and helps you find a new, deeper center." Blake More - YOGA JOURNAL

"The bottom line is that it really works. Nature is an incredible healer for all that ails us, and you can take the principles that the HeroQuest teaches and really incorporate them into your life."
Steve Friedman - GQ MAGAZINE

"I am a cynic, a spiritual cynic with little regard for the "higher" powers. That's who I am. [The HeroQuest] was difficult. It was powerful. And it was purely human. I could believe in that. It was enough, even for a cynic."

"Day three, something has happened... At this level compassion alone transforms you... the HeroQuest [is] one hell of a valuable adventure."

"This is not one of those authoritarian, boot-camp enlightenment projects. [Josh] demonstrates a remarkable ability to elucidate hidden dream and fears. For all of us, there are tears and laughter."
Susan Kuchinskas - BODY MIND SPIRIT

[Did I find my] higher purpose? Yes....It's rehab for body and soul. - Harry Jaffe - MEN'S HEALTH

"It was truly amazing to see people have genuine epiphanies, almost like watching a child swim to the other side of the pool, across the deep end, for the first time. Everyone in our group, by the end of the trip, had a much more exact and genuine understanding of their inner purpose. I got a lot more than I bargained for."

InnerQuest has also been mentioned in the following magazines:

Outside Magazine, Self, Shape, Natural Living Today, Healthy & Natural, Entrepreneur, and featured on FOX TV.



Marci Shimoff, HeroQuest grad., speaker & author: Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul:

"Phenomenal! This is the ultimate 'Hero's Journey' of full awakening in body, mind and spirit! Prepare yourself for the greatest gift you can give to yourself - the end of your struggle!

I was waiting my whole life for the breakthrough I had on the HeroQuest. While I have done many incredibly life-changing things in my path of personal growth, the HeroQuest was the first time I was able to burn through all the layers of pre-existing life patterns and psychic conditioning and directly experience myself as the source of divine love.

The HeroQuest supported and dared me to be ALL that I am, both the vulnerable human being and the unlimited, awakened, embodied consciousness.

No matter who you are or what you have done before, the HeroQuest is a not-to-be-missed experience. If you're looking for freedom, if you sense there is more - to you and to life - then don't wait another minute to take the HeroQuest! The facilitators are masters at the highest level, the tools are custom designed for each person, and you watch one participant after another having profound breakthroughs right in front of your eyes. The experience can't help but change your life forever."

Marci Shimoff, Author and Speaker, Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul


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