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HeroQuest Paddling Formats

Trinity River - Northern California, Class II Whitewater
Eel River - Northern California, Flat-water, Redwoods
Colorado River - Arizona/Nevada Border, Hot Springs

Day-by-Day Itinerary

Day 1 Paddling Instruction Our journey downriver begins with paddling instruction and fun-filled days canoeing through narrow gorges and breathtaking vistas. Awe-inspiring riverside campsites and delicious meals under a canopy of shooting stars set a tone of wonder for breakthroughs in the days to come.

Day 2 Paddling We’ll encounter wildlife, hot springs or thrilling class II rapids (depending on the trip.) As we share fun and challenging situations we'll build trust and openness.

Day 3-4 HeroQuest Program: Expansion & Release The first set of exercises illuminates the default beliefs that cause your life to be as it is. You’ll begin to identify underdeveloped qualities that you want to grow within yourself and release the fears and insecurities that are in the way. Next, a series of games reveal the masks that you wear and explore what is underneath them.

Day 5 Half Day Paddling, Half Day Program: New Paradigms Today we continue to integrate the river as a teacher, navigating the flow of our consciousness in much the same way as we paddle. Unique exercises will help you to effortlessly direct the flow of your attention toward creating greater alignment with the flow of the universe.

Day 6 HeroQuest Program: Transformation! In a private session with facilitators, you’ll create a tool to direct the flow of your consciousness through the beliefs that limit you. With the help of the entire group, this tool will guide you to directly experience yourself as inherently whole, unlimited and connected to the universe. This experience goes far beyond intellectual understanding or beliefs, it can actually put to rest your greatest fears about yourself and provide clarity on your life purpose.

Day 7 HeroQuest Program: Life Purpose Today’s exercises apply the transformation of the day before to the practical aspects of your life. In an exercise that mimics real life, you’ll clarify your life purpose and develop a realistic plan to bring forth your finest qualities in service of a better life, and ultimately, a better world. This purpose will be your key to creating a more fulfilling career and more meaningful relationships. Later, we’ll celebrate with a hero’s banquet and prepare for your triumphant return. n

Day 8 Half Day Paddling, Half Day Program Integration & Action Fun right-brained exercises help integrate everything we’ve learned. You’ll create a plan of action—complete with support and accountability—to become your greatest self and live your dreams. Finally, we’ll paddle the last—and most challenging—stretch of river with ease, to reflect an entirely new way of living the rest of our lives.

Paddling Formats:

Trinity River, Northern California
  • Whitewater Canoeing, Class II
  • Bear, bald eagle, wild salmon, river otter
  • Crystal-clear blue-green water
• Spectacular gorges

Eel River, Northern California
  • Flat-water Canoeing
  • Giant Redwood Forests
  • Secluded Waterfalls

Colorado River, Arizona/Nevada Border
  • Flat-water Canoeing
  • Hot Springs, Hot Waterfalls
  • Sauna Cave
  • Breathtaking Canyons

HeroQuest Destinations

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