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HeroQuest Adventures - Life & Career Renewal

About InnerQuest Adventures

How Does the HeroQuest Work?

While the outdoor experience rejuvinates and inspires, a powerful sequential process trains you to navigate and direct your own consciousness.

Structured exercises and extensive one-on-one direction teach you to transform even your most entrenched behavior patterns and guide you to your greatest self.

More details are below for those interested in the specific modalities of the HeroQuest.

Learn by Doing -
In addition to your choice of exciting Paddling or Multi-Sport adventures, (See also Destinations) the HeroQuest includes fun and challenging experiential processes that take place during the trip and on layover days.

You'll learn through direct experience, through adventure and nature, and through the wisdom of your body and feelings.

You'll gain practical tools to break through your greatest fears and core negative beliefs--the ones that eat away your spirit, sabotage your dreams, keep you small and dependent, and most importantly, keep you from experiencing who and what you are.
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Modalities that ultilize the Body-Mind-Spirit connection
The structure of Joseph Campbell's "Hero's Journey" is used as an overall metaphor for a sequential process that includes body-directed psychosynthesis, personal mythology, archetype exploration, self-inquiry practices, interdependent group process, gentle healing rituals and creative "real-life" scenarios.

These processes bring out many extraordinary qualities which you may not have known you had. You'll apply these qualities throughout the adventure until you feel successful and confident in them. As your confidence grows, so does your ability to expand beyond your previous limitations and envision bold new possibilities for your life.

Each successive stage helps you experience yourself with fewer limits and fears. Gradually, a more evolved human emerges: more alive, more present, more relaxed and confident-ready to discover and claim your greatness.Back to Top

About Self-Realization
The HeroQuest builds up to an experience of spiritual transformation that is at the heart of the process. This unforgettable climax will bring you closer to the truth of your existence: that you are whole, unlimited and connected to the universe.

This direct experience of "self-realization" goes far beyond intellectual understanding or belief; it can actually put to rest your deepest fears about yourself and provide clarity on your life purpose.

With a new-found freedom, you can now express your unlimited self and celebrate your connection to the universe in ways that create success and abundance. Back to Top

Discovering your Life Purpose
Finally, you--the hero--come back to the ordinary world with a gift to mankind. It is through giving this gift that you discover your existence has a higher purpose, a purpose connected with the spiritual laws of the universe.

As you share this gift with others, you expand from a purely personal experience of life into a more fulfilling universal realm of existence.

Backed by the calm strength of your achievement and the support of your new friends, you are ready to share your gift with the world--and transform your own life in the process. Back to Top

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Is the HeroQuest for you?

The HeroQuest is an advanced program. We do not recommend it for everyone.

If you are ready to commit fully to your life, to discover and claim your greatness, then the HeroQuest is for you.

We invite you to join us on one adventure that will change your life.









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