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Belize Overview

Overview | Wildlife | Activities | Weather | Safety | Health

Overview - Reef, Rivers, Ruins, Rainforest
Belize is blessed with the best of many worlds. It's tropical islands are lined with tall coconut trees and surrounded by endless miles of coral reef. Inland you'll find dense jungle laced with emerald-green rivers, mountains wrapped in colossal trees, and forests carpeted with dazzling flowers and lush tropical foliage. Hidden in their midst are magnificent ruins of an ancient Mayan civilization, as well as a friendly melting-pot of cultural richness that combines true frontier-town thrill with modern envronmental consciousness.Travelers will find a time-locked land that still belongs to the rainforest and the sea, not to man; an untamed land that will touch you with awe and leave you gasping in wonder. Back to Top

Belize is home to a amazing variety of wildlife, from spiny anteaters, howler monkeys, and red-eyed tree frogs to kinkajous, hawksbill turtles and toucans. There are still places where no human has ever laid foot, at least not since the ancient Maya ruled these jungles from their magnificent pyramids. Most regions that have been explored are still wild and rugged, with an array of natural wonders and wildlife that includes the world's second largest barrier reef, the world's only jaguar preserve, the longest chain of caves in the Western Hemisphere, and the seventh highest waterfall in the world. Back to Top

Activities abound for nature lovers. You can visit the Cayes (pronounced "Keys"), little islands on the world's second largest barrier reef, and enjoy world-class snorkeling, SCUBA diving, sea-kayaking, and marine exploration.

By far the best way to see Belize is to canoe its amazing rivers. These peaceful waterways take you deep into the lush jungle, revealing astounding wildlife, hidden caves, secret waterfalls, Mayan ruins, and much more. For the more adventurous travler, Belize affords thrilling excursions deep into the rainforest, to see what few travelers have seen: beautiful rainforests protecting an extraordinary web of life, including the world's densest population of Jaguars. Back to Top

Weather - when to go
The best time of year depends on where you want to go and what you want to see. Belize is an ideal place for true nature lovers who often want to go "off the beaten path," which is our specialty. (See Itinerary) Therefore, the best time to visit Belize is during the dry season, from late December through April, which will allow you full range throughout the country, with no limitations. May through early August can bring higher temperatures and short daily rain showers, especially in more remote areas, but this is still a good time to go. A flexible attitude will be all you need in the unlikely event the weather causes any minor inconveninces. The Cayes are ideal for year-round fun, with the exception of mid-September through mid-November, which is hurricaine season. InnerQuest recommends that you avoid travelling anywhere in Belize this time of year - it can really rain in the rainforest!

While foreign tourists stand out anywhere, you'll feel quite at ease in Belize. Outside of Belize city and a few tourist hot-spots which have their share of petty theives and drug dealers, the rest of the country is rural and crime is rare. You should, of course, exercise common sense. Keep your passport and money in a money belt or hidden pocket inside your clothing. Never carry large amounts of cash or leave valueables unattended. But don't be alarmed to find there aren't any locks on your lodge door - there are few thieves in the jungle! Back to Top

Health Precautions
Medical clinics are available in most nearby villages, and there is a decent hospital in Belize City, but don't expect the same quality of care you might get in your home town.

Water - Water is typically ok in most lodges and restaurants, but experienced travelers never drink it, even in ice cubes. We strongly recommend that you always drink bottled water, especially on the Cayes, where ground water is likely substandard. This is a wise precaution as there are several unfamiliar strains of bacteria and protezoans that can cause anything from turista (traveler's diarrhea) to an all-out attack with several days of fever, chills and vomiting. A great natural way to prevent turista is to put a few drops of the naturopathic remedy Citricidal (Grapefruit Seed Extract or GSE) in your water each day.

Mosquitoes - Mosquitoes are a minor bother, as are sandflies. Anyone who has been to the mountains in the U.S. will be surprised that there aren't as many mosquitos in Belize. But while there may be fewer, they can be more dangerous as well. Occasionally, some mosquitoes in remote areas have been found to carry malaria, however, these outbreaks are extremely rare. For those going into the jungle, we recommend an insect repellent with between 20-40% deet, no more and no less. The anti-malaria salt "Chloroquine" is also recommended as an extra precaution. This is a salt tablet taken once a week, and unlike other anti-malaria prophilactics, it is relatively free of any side effects.

As a general good idea for any travel outside the US, we also recommend the new 10-year Hepititas A vaccine. Otherwise, there are no other vaccines required by the CDC to travel in Belize.

We will provide you with more unique tips and precautions in the enrollment package you will receive upon registering for any InnerQuest adventure. Back to Top

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