The highly conscious behavior of Hawaii's spinner dolphins has touched many a heart. Yours can be one of them! We'll be available to swim with dolphins and other playful creatures while kayaking and snorkeling in the calm protected waters of Kealakekua Bay. If you only snorkel once in your life, this is the place to do it! The waters are warm and teeming with an astounding variety of boldly colored tropical fish. No matter how many places you have snorkeled, you will be amazed at what you see here.

Nearby is the City of Refuge, a sacred Hawaiian spiritual site filled with ruins of great temples, petroglyphs, and a sense of powerful, timeless energy.Here we'll enjoy more great snorkeling and swimming with giant sea turtles and dolphins.

Eve 4 - Day 5 Kalapana/Volcano National Park
Volcanoes, hot springs, whale watching
The Kalapana area is where the rainforest meets the volcano - an explosion of earthly forces! Enjoy light hiking, spectacular hidden hot springs, a lava tube cave and cliffside whale-watching. A variety of whales are often sighted here year round.

Day 6 - 8 Waipio Valley
Hike Rainforest Trails to 1,200 ft. Waterfalls, Black -Sand Beaches & more!

Few people ever get to visit this magical Shangri-la, sure to be the highlight of your trip. Hike through dense rainforest past nine spectacular waterfalls that leap off high cliffs and crash into the lush forest below, or tumble into the ocean. Discover hidden swimming holes and black-sand beaches.

Please note: The itinerary above is a sample and is subject to change without notice. Please contact us for an itinerary for the specific date you are interested in.

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Remote Rainforest Hiking 1,200ft Waterfalls Hidden Black-sand Beaches
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Nov. 16-23 2002 in Hawaii for the century's most spectacular astronomical event, the Leonids Meteor "Storm."

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Day 1 - 4 Kealakekua Bay/City of Refuge
Swim with Wild Dolphins!
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