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Ultimate Wildlife

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About InnerQuest Adventures

Belize Wildlife Encounters

InnerQuest's Ultimate Wildlife Eco-Tours are designed for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. Each eco-adventure is specially designed for maximum wildlife viewing. We take care to seek out wildlife that is rare, off the beaten path, and in greater numbers than you will see on any other tour.

Our expert naturalist guides will prepare you with evening slide-shows and educate you in the field so your experience is intimate and unparalleled. Still, wildlife viewing can unpredictable and requires patience and sensory awareness.

A partial list of some of the animals you are likely to see is below. Click on underlined links or scroll down for photos.

Prolific Sitings Likely Sitings Rare Sitings
Inland Wildlife
Howler monkeys Spiny anteater Spider monkeys
Iguana Tapir Peccaries
Agouti Coatimundi Tayras
Paca Brocket deer Jaguar
Kinkajou Crocodile Red-eyed tree frog
Basilisk (jesus-christ lizards) Caiman Snakes - Fer de Lance
Bird life
Kingfishers Keel-billed Toucans Jabaru stork
Magnificent Frigate birds Rosette Spoonbills Red-footed Booby
Yellow-crowned Night Heron Trogans Blue-Crowned MotMot
Anihingas Montezuma Oropendolas Great Curassow
Cormorants Jacanas
Hummingbirds Tiger Heron
Marine Life
Eagle Rays Manatees  
Sting Rays Tarpon  
Nurse sharks (toothless) Octopus  
Parrot fish Moray Eels  
Angel fish Barracuda  
Butterfly fish Needlefish  

Keel-billed Toucan



Howler Monkey




Red-eyed Tree Frog

Spider Monkey





Eagle Ray
Deep jungle wildlife canoe expedition.


Floating the Jaguar's River

Nature's hidden secrets unveil before your eyes as you canoe down river.

Magical encounters await around every bend. The air is rich with the sounds of exotic birds singing of your arrival, and the occasional splash of a too-sleepy iguana falling off a tree into the river.

A troop of howler monkeys break into a frenzy of tree-top acrobatics and try to outdo the roars of an alpha-male across the river.

A guide's hushed whisper alerts you just in time to glimpse a shy creature drinking from the riverŐs life-giving waters. You blink your eyes in wonder, and the elusive jaguar is gone.

Its tracks--and your unforgettable memory--are all that remain.









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