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Ultimate Wildlife

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About InnerQuest Adventures

Costa Rica Wildlife Encounters

InnerQuest's Ultimate Wildlife Eco-Tours are designed for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. Each eco-adventure is specially designed for maximum wildlife viewing. We take care to seek out wildlife that is rare, off the beaten path, and in greater numbers than you will see on any other tour.

Our expert naturalist guides will educate you in the field so your experience is intimate and unparalleled. Still, wildlife viewing can unpredictable and requires patience and sensory awareness.

A partial list of some of the animals you are likely to see is below. Click on underlined links or scroll down for photos.

Prolific Sitings Likely Sitings Rare Sitings
Inland Wildlife
Howler monkeys Squirrel monkeys Spider monkeys
White-faced Capuchin monkeys Poison-Arrow Frogs Red-eyed tree frog
Three-toed Sloth Margay Gray Fox
Crocodile Spiny anteater Paca
Iguana Agouti Peccaries
Coatimundi Caiman Tayras
Morpho Butterflies Bats Jaguar
Kinkajou Olinga Tapir
Basilisk (jesus-christ lizards) Grison Snakes - Eyelash Viper
Bird life
Scarlet macaws Toucans Resplendent Quetzal
Trogons Rosette Spoonbills Military macaws
Blue-Crowned MotMot Purple Gallinule King Vulture
Parrots Squirrel Cuckoo Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
Tanagers Hawks & Eagles Great Curassow
Jacanas Montezuma Oropendolas Owls
Hummingbirds Herons  
Other Life
Orchids Marine Turtles Horned Beetles
Bromiliads Leaf-cutter ants
Buttressed Rainforest Trees

Blue Morpho Butterfly

Whiteface Capuchin Monkeys - Rare siting of female with young on back

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Three-Toed Sloth

Scarlet Macaw

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Keel-billed Toucan

Howler Monkey


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Red-eyed Tree Frog

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Spider Monkey


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Squirrel Monkeys

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Cloudforest of the Gods

The cloudforest canopy reveals a world of astounding beauty high above the forest floor. A lush green garden of mosses, epiphytes, and colorful orchids form a carpet on every tree.

Thick vines dangle from so high, they appear to have come from the clouds themselves. Gigantic ferns, reminiscent of prehistoric times, grow to exaggerated size. A different, unimaginable shade of green covers every inch.

Be still. Listen to the distant roar of a howler monkey, . . . to the sweet melody of songbirds.

This is a cloudforest.




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