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About InnerQuest Adventures

About Eco-Tourism

Ecotourism is not just a marketing catch-phrase. It is a term used to describe ethical tourism that focuses on appreciation and preservation of a country's flora, fauna, ecosystems and culture.

We Are Making a Difference
The basic idea behind ecotourism is that visitors to a place can contribute to the environment and support the people who live in that environment. If the local people can make a living from tourism, then there is less need to burn off the forest for food or hunt endangered animals for the price of their skins.

InnerQuest hires local guides and drivers and consciously contributes to the local economy, environment and community in Costa Rica. Your tourist dollars have a tangible influence in saving the environment, providing jobs, and raising environmental standards.

What Else You Can Do
As an InnerQuest client, your fees protect and serve the areas you visit. Eco-tourism can only work if it is supported by wildlife and nature lovers like you, who care about the environment. To help you better enjoy and contribute to the environment of Costa Rica, there are several things you can do.

As a traveler to Costa Rica you will see evidence of massive deforestation due mostly to growing bananas and grazing cows for exportation. The best way you can help is to support sustainable environmental growing practices when you buy these products. Buy locally grown, organic and sustainable agricultural products that do not damage irreplacable old-growth rainforest ecosystems.

Ask us about other opportunities to make a difference. You can write lettes, contribute money, or volunteer your time to a variery of responsible organizations that are making a difference in the environment in Costa Rica and around the world.

Wildlife Viewing Code of Ethics
Visitors should keep a safe distance from wildlife, so as not to spook or disturb any animals. Animal courtship, nesting, or feeding of young must not be interupted. Birds and their nests should be observed from a safe distance through binoculars. Nesting sea turtles should be observed only with the assistance of a trained guide. Photograpers should keep their distance; foliage should not be moved from around nests and animals should not be molested for the sake of a picture.

Monkeys and other wildlife should not be fed because this alters their diet and behavior.

Protecting Rainforest Eco-systems
Travel to rainforest areas are best undertaken in the company of trained and experienced local guides (some areas permit only guided tours for the protection of both habitat and visitors). If you do decide to proceed without such a guide, take the time to learn about the area and how to ensure that you do not inadvertently stray too close to important wildlife habitats. A visit to the local Audubon Society or other organization involved in projects in the area you plan to visit can assist you in obtaining such information.

Upon reserving a space on an InnerQuest Ultimate Wildlife Eco-tour, you will receive an extensive trip information package that will have additional eco-tourism guidelines. To reserve a space click here.

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